This was the best
decision of my life


{slider So we just wanted to get some insights into how the gastric banding procedure has changed your life for the better hopefully.  Can you tell me a little bit what life was like before the procedure, what encounters you had and so on.}
Okay.  Well before I had the procedure I was quite fit in my early days, used to do a lot of surfing …



{slider What was your particular influence that made you go "okay, today I'm going to take some action"?}
I didn't even know about …



{slider I just wanted to get a little bit of what life was like for you before the procedure in terms of what issues you may have felt or had in the past.}
I always had a very happy life but I always struggled with my weight.  I've done virtually every weight loss solution you can possibly try, every pill, every potion and everything and I just got to the point where I just needed to make a change and do something new and set a good example for my daughter.



My experience food wise, slow cooked meals have been the best ones for me, particularly consuming meats that are traditionally a bit tougher.  My wife makes a lot of slow cooked meals now, but that's not the only thing I eat but it is the easiest.

Gastric banding has helped me make healthier choices in my food choices.  I find having gastric banding that I have to be a bit smart about what I eat, so I tend to eat a lot more healthier than I did before anyway.
The decision of the lap band …
The decision of the lap band was a long decision for me.  It took me roughly two years.  From when I did it it took me weeks to go in and have the surgery and it's just been perfect.  I have no complaints.  My health has improved and I would recommend anyone who's thinking of doing it to go and do it.
I'd recommend anyone who's thinking of doing it to go and do it.



{slider I wanted to get a feel for how you were feeling and what life was like before the procedure, can you tell me a little bit about before you had the gastric band.}
Before I had the gastric banding I was very unhappy.  I was putting on weight and just putting on weight and weight and weight all the time.  I couldn't, this is not happening.
I was very unhappy because I was constantly putting on weight, I couldn't stop it and it doesn't matter, I tried things, I tried lots of different ways of taking off the weight, all the different procedures and nothing worked, absolutely nothing.


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